Make Olds River Inn the starting point for your next adventure! Find yourself fishing or on an ATV trip through the mountain terrain to surfing the Kodiak waters.  This vacation get away can provide you with many options, so when planning your trip be sure and ask us about our ATV trips and fishing charters we offer.


String a pole or just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Kodiak Olds River Inn provides much more than adventure, we bring you memories of a lifetime!


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Kodiak Bear Fishing the Olds River

ATV Trail to Summit Lake King Salmon


Visit the Discover Kodiak for information.


Kodiak Alaska is a fishing paradise with five species of salmon, trout, halibut, cod and more. A fishing enthusiast is in for the trip of a lifetime! Every skill level can be accommodated with an array of fishing trip options including: charter fishing, road system fishing and remote fishing.



Bear, Bird, and Whale Watching

Kodiak Island is home to the largest bear on earth, the Kodiak Brown Bear.  Experience a glimpse of this shy regal bear in it?s natural habitat from a charter plane, a kayak tour or a cross-country trek with anoutfitter.

Get your binoculars and your bird identification book ready. Kodiak Island is home to more than 240 species of birds including: bald eagles, puffins, tundra swans and ptarmigan.

Spotting a whale in the wild is one of the most thrilling experiences possible. Take a charter boat for a chance to see a whale pod up close or watch for whales from the shore at sunset. Whales found around Kodiak include: humpback, gray, fin, minke and sei. 




Take in the Scenery

Things to see include: the AlutiiqMuseum, the Baranov Museum, and the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Center. Peruse the art galleries, and gift shops and when you're ready to kick back and unwind come have a spectacular meal at our restaurant.

Take to the open road for an afternoon drive to secluded beaches or breathtaking sea cliffs - the rural roads of Kodiak Island are spectacular! Ask us where the locals' favorite scenic sites are.

Driving Directions

1) From the Airport:

2) Follow Rezanof Dr West around Womens Bay, passing Sargent Cr., Bell's Flats, Russian Cr., and Salonie Cr.

3) Rezanof Dr West becomes Chiniak Hwy. Follow Chiniak Hwy. along Middle Bay, past American River.

4) Chiniak Hwy. continues to Kalsin Bay, half way around the bay you will come to Olds River.



At the "Y" on Pasagshak Rd. Olds River Inn is Driveway straight ahead.


CABINS:Turn Right at the "Y" on Pasagshak Rd. Olds River Inn is the 1st Driveway on the left.


We are located at Mile 30, which is approximately 40 minutes driving time from Kodiak City.

6) Our address is 32233 Pasagshak Rd.

Olds River Inn
PO Box 186
Kodiak, AK 99615

Main Phone: 907-486-6040
32233 Pasagshak Rd.

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